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Data transfer services are a great way to get your important contacts, apps and files from an old phone or pc to a new device. The process is simple: you select the source (old phone/pc) and the destination (new phone/laptop) and then run the data transfer program which stores all of your important information on the new device. This means that even if you switch devices, you can keep all of your important contacts, apps, and files without having to manually transfer them one by one.
We offer data transfer services from old phones to new phones and laptops. Our transfer app or switch app allows you to quickly and easily move data between devices without needing internet access or USB ports. File transfer is a breeze with our service, and we guarantee that all of your important files will be kept safe during the transition. For those who don’t want to use our transfer app, we also provide a data transfer cable that can be used to move files from an old device directly into a new one. This service is similar to Google’s mobile switch as it allows you to move photos, music, contacts, and more into your new device in just a few clicks. We also provide a cloud storage service for those who want an extra layer of security for their files. If you encounter any issues, just give us a shout and we are always here for you.

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