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A-Z phone and Laptop courses and programs to help seniors learn new skills. – Our easy-to-understand tutorials and video courses teach adults how to use basic computer skills, such as using a mouse and keyboard, enlarging a YouTube video, typing speed, and using typing games. For more advanced options, we offer activities to help seniors integrate technology into their daily life. We also provide programs and activities for seniors to practice their older basic computer skills in order to make new friends or take proper steps in using technology. Our designed Senior Planet programs give seniors the opportunity to learn how to use computers and basic phones that can make their life easier. We provide skilful senior individuals with the tools needed so they can apply these new skills in their daily lives.    

Through our program, older adults are taught how to use a computer and basic phones as well as learn simple computer skills. With the help of our program, older adults can stay in touch with family, and friends and access vital resources. As the world is changing, it is important that older adults keep up with the trends and have access to the same resources that everyone else does. They would be able to use applications to get their daily needs to their doorstep without needing to go out. We offer these services in Havant, Hayling, Emsworth, Westbourne, Leigh Park, Bedhampton and in Portsmouth area

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